Replenish . . . Give in to Your Body’s Demands

You ever see the soap operas on during the middle of the day. Yeah, you know the ones I am talking about. They drag out the plot over 10 episodes to tell you the same thing that could have been said in one 30-minute episode. I feel like this is the same thing that happens when I talk to patients about what they have been doing to support their health. There is so much information that it over complicates a relatively simple process.

If you want health, don’t overthink it.

There is no hidden formula or new idea just waiting to surface that is going to change the way our body functions. It’s exactly the opposite. There is only one proven way to the freedom that we call good health. It is based in giving your body what it needs to heal. Replenishing your body properly delivers unparalleled health that rivals any new and fancy medical procedure. If my review of these starts to feel like your mother’s voice echoing in your head, then you know you are on the track.

What Does Your Body Need?

Food – There is no replacement for nutrient dense, high fiber, unrefined, non-processed, non-GMO, chemical free food. There is a reason that I place step 3 of the Food Function Freedom process, Reconnecting to Food, before replenishing. Simply, if you are not taking in the best foods that you can on a routine basis, you are stealing from your body. You cannot replenish when you are having consuming foods that are robbing your body of the vital nutrients it needs. It all begins with food.

Nutrients – Vitamin and minerals are how most people thinks of nutrients. There are many other categories such as antioxidants, amino acids and fats. The bottom line when it comes to nutrients is meeting your demand. Increased demand without adequate supply equals deficit. In human health terms this is called deficiency. Nutrient deficiencies left unchecked promote disease.

Hormones – If you have ever been hormonal, I don’t need to stress the importance of hormones. They are chemical messengers. When they communicate the wrong message, you, and those around you, know it. Why are imbalances hormones so common now? That answer is not as complex as you think. Just take a look at your “to-do” list today. Long? You bet. Does it seem to keep growing? Yep! That’s the reason your hormones are out of balance. More demands, less time, and higher expectations all equal stress that burdens your hormones.

Neurotransmitters – Since we easily agreed that you are under stress, just know that these neurotransmitters are depleted for the same reason as the hormones. You are asking too much from them. Hold on. It’s not your fault. You didn’t even know you were doing it. Truth is, your body was simply trying to help you overcome all the demands you kept throwing at it. Now however, you have got to catch these chemicals back up if you want to sleep better regain your calm, not become easily agitated and feel more motivation again.

Sleep – Who doesn’t like to feel rested in the morning? Tell me it doesn’t feel good to wake up ready to tackle the day. Can’t remember that feeling? That’s because your sleep is lacking. Not enough? Sleeping at the wrong time? Not sleeping through the night? Hey, I understand. You have a lot on your plate and a lot to do for your family. Only one problem with that scenario. You forgot about you. Sleep is incredibly vital. You’ve been telling yourself there are not enough hours in the day. Turns out, there would be a lot more productive hours in the day if you got adequate sleep. Maybe the problem is not the hours in the day, but the lack of sleep during the night that makes you less productive.

Water – Good ole’ H2O. Most of your body is water. Detoxification, normal blood flow, and clear thinking all depend on you consuming enough of it. If you are not consuming water, you are setting yourself up for toxicity. Clean, chemical free water is unmatched in the benefits that it provides to the body.