Refine to Get Close to Perfection

“Perfection is not eliminating all mistakes and hurdles in life, but rather realizing that constantly striving to improve while learning along the way is true perfection.”
– Dr. Arland Hill

What is the worst thing about a vacation? The end! Tell me you haven’t thought that on every vacation that you have taken. Great, the trip is over and now I have to get back to the routine and stress of life. Sometimes it is even hard to enjoy the last part of the trip due to the realization of what you face when you get home. I bet without realizing it, you have started to see your health the same way. I am going to stay with these diet and lifestyle changes for a bit and get my health under control. Of course, we know what happens next. You start slipping and then here you are at the end of your trip, otherwise known as a “vacation from good health habits”, only to be staring at having to start over again. You cannot tell me you don’t dread this, the proverbial “fell off the wagon”.

There are several reasons that people “fall off the wagon”. And it seems like every time I hear this, someone is always talking about getting back on the wagon. Ironically, no one spends much time talking about not falling off in the first place. Doesn’t that make more sense to you? It does to me also. If you don’t “fall off the wagon” in the first place, it’s not necessary to have to get back on. So why do people “fall off the wagon”.

Perfection is a tricky word. Many people shoot for it, but the reality is that it is unobtainable. In fact, the only perfect being to walk the earth was Jesus, and since none of us are close to him, being perfect is a farce. What you should know is that this is why people “fall off the wagon” with their health. They try to be a perfect being with their diet. In reality though, the it feels better to know that you don’t have to be perfect. In fact, just say it with me,

“I don’t have to be perfect.”

No really. I want you to say that out loud and see how you feel after just verbalizing it. You have to admit that there is a sense of relief just saying that out loud. Now that you have a weight lifted off your shoulders, let’s talk about what this was to do with you and your health.

Let go of the unrealistic need for perfection.

Refine. This is the way you should think about your health. You are not trying to live a perfect lifestyle. You are trying to live the best lifestyle that you can. You teach yourself new things, try new recipes and foods that you have never tried. Some you will like, some you will not. You find the exercise that best fit your needs and enjoyment level at a particular stage of your life. Life changes. It does not sit still. Therefore, once you have regained your health, mentally commit yourself to a constant state of refinement. Living in this lifestyle means the health vacation never ends and the wagon ride is a smooth and steady course, the only the occasional bump.

Reaching the refinement stage is an achievement. Your struggle and your sacrifice are well noted. You are reaping the benefits of your efforts and living life having achieved your health goals. Look back only long enough to remember where you were, not long enough to deter your continued path forward.