Remove the TRASH For Optimal Health

Optimal health is a choice. You have committed to making the best choices for you and your family. For this I applaud. But what happens when you are still challenged by obstacles. As we can agree, achieving your optimal health is not likely to happen if you have things standing in your way. There are many things that can hinder optimal health, so let’s focus on the biggest ones. If you identify and remove these obstacles, you have eliminated what is interfering with you having optimal health. I like to call this part taking out the TRASH.

What happens the longer trash sits in your garbage can?

It begins to stink, things start to rot, and if you don’t take it out, bugs begin to show up. Odd. That doesn’t sound that much different than what happens in the body. Increased toxins build up, your immune system weakens, you develop reactions we call allergies and sensitivities and before you know it your dealing with infections your body would otherwise easily handle. And then factor in stress and it all gets worse. But you aren’t stressed, are you? I know. I saw your eyes roll back in your head. You know you are stressed and everything I just outline applies to you. Well, what are you going to do about it. Let’s start by taking out the TRASH.

You are going to take the trash out at home. Let me show you how to take out the TRASH when it comes to your health. TRASH stands for Toxins, Relationships, Allergies / Sensitivities, Stress and Harmful Bugs (infections).


I’m not going to beat around the bush so to say with this. I’m going to tell you straight because I know you will appreciate that. You are toxic. You live in an environment that has toxins in the air, toxins in the water supply, toxins in your cosmetics and even in your food. In fact, the food maybe the worst of all. In some cases the food is the toxin. You are exposed to more toxins than you can imagine. As the toxins increase, and they do, they begin to do exactly what you would expect a toxin to do, damage the body. Let me be direct again. If you think that you are immune from the effects of toxins, the only person you are fooling is yourself.


You are ready to make a change. You have embraced the commitment. Nothing is going to stop you this time because you have your mind locked into what you want to accomplish. I think you can relate with me to the struggle of getting to this point. But you are locked in and nothing is going to deter your progress . . . except the relationship you have with a family member that is not onboard with you making the change. Are you kidding me! You are ready to move forward and now a family member is sabotaging your efforts telling you you cannot do it. I know. It grabs at your soul not to have someone you are so close to support you. Here is what I know. You are stronger than this. Someone else does not get to choose your fate. You can make the change. You already redefined your thought process. Whether it means you depart from the relationship or you limit the contact in the relationship, rotten relationships, just like rotten trash, have to go!

Allergies / Sensitivities

You probably think I am referring to stuffy nose, puffy eyes and pressure across the forehead. Classic allergy symptoms like are most common with changes of the seasons. We could be talking about that here. Yet only thinking of allergies and sensitivities in that way is limited. Allergies and sensitivities are not just to pollens and grasses. They can be to food, molds, chemicals, and food additives just to name a few. But here is what you want to know and this surprises many people just like you. The triggers for such reactions are often items we consider safe. They are the foods that you eat. Imagine have a reaction to broccoli. I know you are thinking broccoli is a healthy food. I will agree with you. The problem arises when your immune system decides that it wants to react to broccoli, or whatever the item is. Now you have an allergy or a sensitivity. Unless you remove these “safe” items or triggers from your environment, you shouldn’t expect much change in your health.


I bet you cannot remember the last time you were under stress. Are you laughing yet? I hear you saying to me right now, “I live under constant stress. It’s just a way of life.” Don’t think I am not hearing what you are saying. But that doesn’t make it normal though. What you now define as normal stress is taking a toll on your body. Inherently you know this. Just look at your schedule every day. There is never enough time to get everything accomplished. But I don’t want you to have any guilt about this. Almost everyone is in the same situation as you. It’s not your fault. You have just become a product of your environment. Again, though, the amount of stress that you are under every day is not normal, even though it may be your norm. This high amount of stress is aging you faster, weakening your immune system, stealing your energy and ability to get things done. It’s time to hit the reset button on your stress levels.

Harmful Bugs (Infections)

Remember the last time you had a cold. You tried to ignore it. Then you tried to get some rest. But when it kept getting worse, you finally “bit the bullet” and reluctantly went to the doctor for an antibiotic. And you don’t like taking medications. This type of scenario is an acute infection. It’s the kind that causes an immediate change in the way you feel. But there is another type of infection you need to know about. These often occur in the gut or the sinus cavities. They linger on without any obvious symptoms on the surface, but their impact is like that of a smoldering fire just constantly burning. Such infections are the result of harmful bugs. These harmful bugs hang out in the body. Early we talked about taking out the trash. When the trash stays too long, bugs and flies can show up. Same thing happens when your body is exposed to a trashy diet or toxins. The bugs begin to grow and create chronic problems. The ONLY answer . . . Get rid of the bugs!