Redefine . . . Your Approach to Health

Do you like being told what to do? How to do it? What decisions you can and cannot make? Do you like being told that you have to buy something, when you really don’t want or need it? Just hearing these comments, I can already see the grimace on your face start to form, and rightfully so. However, I have a question for you. If you would NEVER tolerate someone telling you what to do, limiting your choices and freedoms, making you purchase things you don’t want and limiting the benefit of what you do get, then why do you continue to accept this from the current healthcare system?

Isn’t it time you redefine how you look at health?

I am going to share something with you that should make you very excited. You have the ability to be your own doctor. This might sound ironic coming from a doctor, but you are in charge of your health. No one else but you. While a good doctor-patient relationship should be part of your long-term health care strategy, how good would it feel to know that you did not have to depend on a doctor for your healthcare. What if the doctor was your educator and helped guide, rather than force, your decision making? The concept likely seems strange because it is completely different than what you are used to. But having a doctor that acts as an educator is available to you.

See, being the decision maker regarding your health is what has been taken away from you. It has happened slowly so you have hardly noticed, but your ability to make decisions for your own health are now governed by outside groups that have no interest in your long-term health. That is unacceptable. You don’t go to the doctor to support outsiders. You go to improve your health. So, where did it go wrong? That is a lengthy conversation and does not benefit you right now. What does benefit you is knowing what to do.

“Optimal Health is a Choice.”

How can someone obtain optimal health without being a part of the traditional healthcare system? Aside from the fact that the traditional healthcare system does not offer wellness and prevention, the answer is far simpler than you might think. You make a choice to be healthy. You take a proactive role in your health that becomes a lifestyle. And with that lifestyle comes freedom. Freedom from sickness, freedom to choose the best options for you and your family and the freedom not to have someone that does not truly know and understand your needs make decisions for you. Optimal health is a choice. By making the decisions that revitalize your body, you become your own best health advocate.

Want to know where to start? It all begins by redefining how you think about your health. Are you going to make choices that allow you to be the empowered advocate of you and your family’s health? Or are you going to be the helpless victim of a system that forces you into decisions that you are not comfortable with and provides you quick-fix solutions at the cost of your future health. Redefining your approach to your health now will change for the better later. Make the optimal choice for yourself.