Reconnect (with Your Food)

Reconnect with Your Food

When was the last time you felt connected to food? My guess is that rather than you being able to associate a specific time to answer the question, you are probably thinking I didn’t know I was connected or disconnected to food. What does that even mean? You eat food, you don’t connect to it. Right? Here in lies the problem. If you did not know that you should be connected to food, then you are not connected to food.

I want to give you an example of the way man used to function. I need to reflect back to the time well before grocery stores and restaurants on every corner. Food was special. Mostly because if you did not have a continual source of it, you would perish. That fact has not changed. You still need food to survive. But many things have changed. As I lay out this story for you, I want you to visualize it.

A farmer rises up out of bed at the breaking through of the sun. The brightness of the sun shines through his bedroom and throughout the house lighting the day for new opportunity. He enjoys a quick breakfast with his family before stepping outside to see a garden that he has planted. Hesitating for just a moment, he looks at the plants, looks to the heavens and thanks God that he has food growing. He doesn’t look out and see food. He looks out and sees nourishment for his family. Time spent together gathering from the fields and preparing food for the winter months to come all bring a smile to his face. There is a sense of inner satisfaction for having cared for his plants and nurturing the animals that he raises. He smiles knowing that this food that he has invested in will give back multiple fold to he and his family.

Even sharing that vision with you creates a sense of pride and connectedness to food. Sure, I hear you. You think this connection is easy for me because I have personally experienced this. I have lived this life. And you wouldn’t be wrong. But here is what I can share with you. While that feeling may be limited to a few today, it used to be everyone that shared it. We all had to raise or find our own supply lines for food. This is not the case any longer. Food is now readily available. It’s everywhere.

Let me ask you, when was the last time that you invested in food?

Unfortunately for many the answer is never. Now let me contrast this with the farmer in the story above. He invested in the food. Do you think the farmer sees food differently than you? Of course, he does.

Think about how you react towards something that you invest in. What is an investment in the first place? It is far more than just money. An investment is a reflection of something that you have earned. You have sacrificed something to obtain that investment. Therefore, you are not willing to easily see it taken away and you are linked to it. If someone were to take your investment, you would be upset. Food is an investment when you partake in growing or sourcing it from its growers. You feel more connected to food and you want to seek out only the best sources since you are investing your time in it. But if you are sitting down at a restaurant and someone is bringing food to the table that you have no idea the origin or handling of, let’s be honest, it’s just substance you are ingesting to curb your appetite.

So do I have to become a farmer to connect to food?

Not at all. The connection to food is linked to how you view food, not your job. Investing in food means committing to a mentality that food is a priority in your life. Just like you want to be connected to the right people as you go through life, you also want to be connected to food that is going to help you be as equally productive. Quality food gives back to you, unhealthy food that will never offer a beneficial connection takes from you. Do you like being robbed? Me neither. Therefore, empower yourself for permanent change by reconnecting to food.